Bar Municipality

Bar Municipality is one of the municipalities of Montenegro. The center is the town Bar. The municipality is located at the Adriatic coast in the southeast Montenegro. According to the 2011 census, the city proper had 17,649 inhabitants, while the total population of Bar Municipality was 42,068.[1]

Bar Municipality
Opština Bar
Општина Бар
Komuna e Tivarit
Flag of Bar Municipality
Coat of arms of Bar Municipality
Bar Municipality in Montenegro
Bar Municipality in Montenegro
 • Municipality598 km2 (231 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Municipality42,048
 • Density70/km2 (180/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Postal code
Area code+382 30
ISO 3166 codeME-02
Vehicle registrationBR

Geography and tourismEdit

Bar Municipality is located on the coastal western border of Montenegro on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is approximately 53 kilometres (33 mi) from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. To the east is the largest lake in the Balkans, Lake Skadar. To the west, across the sea, is Italy.[2]

The natural area around Bar is mostly untouched and is rich in vegetation. The municipality stretches to the southern shore of Skadar lake and encompasses Krajina region. This area is visited for its leisure activities and hiking. Smaller settlements near Bar, such as Dobra Voda, Sutomore and Čanj, are a destination for sunbathing, as they incorporate long sandy beaches.


The municipality has over 44 kilometres (27 miles) of sea coast. There are twenty beaches stretching over 9 kilometres (6 miles). In the north is Čanj, which has a 1,100-metre (3,600-foot) sandy beach. A boat takes tourists from Čanj to the Kraljičina Plaža (the Queen's beach). It lies below a natural wall of sedimentary rock. Further south is 300-metre-long (980-foot) Maljevik Beach. The beach at Sutomore, 1,200 metres (3,900 feet) long, has entertainments, activities and restaurants. Near the medieval monastery complex of Ratac is Crvena Plaža (the Red beach), named after the colour of its fine sand. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest and located about a hundred m from the main road to Bar. The Bar city beach is located in front of King Nikola I's palace. It is 750 metres (2,460 feet) long, part pebble and part sand.

There are also beaches on the shore of Lake Skadar.

Flora and faunaEdit

The coastal part of Bar supports maquis shrubland with oak, holm oak, laurel, myrtle, Spanish broom, oleander, hawthorn, sloe, thorn, butcher's broom, and asparagus. To the north and the mountains, there are oak and beech forests. Citrus fruits including tangerine, orange, and lemon grow in the Bar area as do pomegranates, olives, grapevines, and figs. Ginkgo biloba grows in the park of King Nikola's palace. Skadar Lake is rich in birdlife including the pelican. Game animals are found in Ostros, Rumija, Lisinj, Sutorman, and Sozina and include rabbit, badger, fox, wolf, and boar. At the Bar seashore one finds various kinds of shells, snails, echinodermata, cephalopoda and crayfish.


Divisions and settlementsEdit

The municipality consists of 77 settlements, four of which, Bar, Stari Bar, Sutomore and Virpazar are urban, while the rest are rural or suburban. The municipality is divided into 12 local communities (mjesna zajednica): Topolica (part of Bar), Polje, Bjeliši, Burtaiši, Sutorman, Stari Bar, Šušanj, Sutomore, Mrkojevići, Krajina, Šestan and Crmnica.[3] A census in 2011 recorded 42,048 people in the Bar Municipality.

Commune Settlements
Bar I central business district
Bar II Polje, Burtaiši, Čeluga, part of Rena;
Bar III part of Bjeliši, Sokolana, Stara Ambulanta, Zgrade Prvoborca;
Bar IV Popovići, part of Bjeliši, Ahmetov Brijeg, Vuletića Brijeg, part of Rena and Trsanj
Bar V Sustaš, Zupci, Marovići, Tuđemili
Šušanj Žukotrlica, Novi Pristan, Zeleni Pojas, Ilino, Šušanj, Carevići, Vitići and Paladini
Sutomore Brca, Zelen, Obala Željezničke Kolonije, Mirošica I, Turke, Pobrđe, Gorelac, Miljevci, Sozina, Zankovići, Suvi Potok, Mirošica II, Zgrade, Bjelila, Papani, Haj-Nehaj, Zagrađe, Mišići, Đurmani and Čanj
Stari Bar (Old Bar) Stari Bar, Baukovo, Belveder, Velembusi, Gretva, Brbot, Turčini, Menke, Mikulići, Podgrad, Bartula, Rap, Gornja Poda and Donja Poda, Tomba, Gornje Zaljevo and Donje Zaljevo
Mrko(je)vići Pečurice, Dobra Voda, Grdovići, Pelinkovići, Dabezići, Velje Selo, Kunje, Velja Gorana and Mala Gorana
Krajina Arbneš, Veliki Ostros, Mali Ostros, Martići, Runji, Koštanjica, Bobovište, Ckla, Tejani
Šestan Livari, Gornja i Donja Briska, Gornji Murići, Donji Murići, Besa, Pinčići, Bapsulj, Šestan
Crmnica Virpazar, Orahovo, Bračeni, Mikovići, Zabes, Boljevići, Sotonići, Bukovik, Mačuge, Dupilo, Popratnica, Komarno, Trnovo, Gornji Brčeli, Donji Brčeli, Brijege, Ovtočići, Tomići, Utrg, Godinje, Seoča, Krnjice, Limljani, Gluhi Do

Historic population:


Bar (2011)

Ethnic composition of the municipality in 2011:

Ethnicity Number Percentage
Montenegrins 19,553 46.5%
Serbs 10,656 25.34%
ethnic Muslims 3,236 7.7%
Albanians 2,515 5.98%
Bosniaks 2,153 5.12%
Croats 254 0.59%
Romani 203 0.48%
Other 318 0.76%
not declared 2,097 4.99%
Total 42,048 100%


The main religion in Bar is Orthodox Christianity. However, there are churches from both the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic traditions as well as mosques built by Ottomans in the Islamic tradition. Bar is the birthplace of Saint Jovan Vladimir. In 1089, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bar, was founded and included most of Montenegro and Serbia.

Religion Number Percentage
Eastern Orthodox 24,452 58.15%
Islam 12,671 30.14%
Roman Catholic 3,043 7.24%
Atheist 415 0.99%
Agnostic 34 0.08%
Other 162 0.39%
Undeclared 1,129 2.69%

Local administrationEdit

Name Seats Local government
Democratic Party of Socialists - Liberal Party
12 / 37
Democratic Montenegro- Europe Now - United Montenegro
7 / 37
Democratic Front
5 / 37
United Reform Action
3 / 37
Social Democrats
4 / 37
I Choose Montenegro
2 / 37
Social Democratic Party
3 / 37
Bosniak Party
1 / 37



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